TOXIC TAKEDOWN of the US is happening right now, warns Scott of SJWellfire

Podcaster Scott of SJWellFire warned that a toxic takedown of the U.S. is already happening, citing several reasons to back up his claim during Episode 216 of the “SJWellFire: Final Days Report” podcast.

“It’s not just the train derailment, we’re seeing toxic chemicals spewing from fires in manufacturing plants. We have seen some really weird toxic chemicals spilling from trucks having accidents,” he said, adding that the incident reminds him of all the recent fires that hit food production facilities.

According to Scott, one of the reasons why a toxic takedown is happening in America is because Big Pharma makes money with sickness. Fear creates two things – madness and illness – and Big Pharma will use the opportunity to reap more profits. Aside from making more money, constant fear also enables the powers that be (TPTB) to continue controlling the masses.

He mentioned that Ohio and Pennsylvania are very prolific farmlands that will be impacted by the train derailment and chemical spill in East Palestine. The accident appears to be a borderline brilliant move to control the American people.

First, the elites will have an opportunity to introduce fake meat and fake vegetables to the people as the cocktail of chemicals from the derailed train in Ohio will contaminate various food products. The contamination will then lead to recalls of certain food items. He noted that the Ohio River, which supports 160 species of fish, has been affected by the disaster.

Second, the elites will justify the derailment as a reason for people to leave East Palestine and relocate to their so-called smart cities, eliminating property rights.


Third, the elites will appropriate the land in order to take the minerals, oil and farmland for themselves.

Fourth, the elites will benefit from cleaning up the chemical spill. According to Scott, there is money to be made with a cleanup effort and some people are going to rake in money for cleaning that mess.

TPTB will utilize “Beast” tech trackers to surveil people

Scott also mentioned that the “Beast” tech trackers will be utilized by TPTB to surveil everything that people do. He warned that Americans should think twice about using anything that comes from the government, especially if those things are free, as they will be tracked.

East Palestine itself became the testing ground for such a technology. According to the Gateway Pundit, the East Palestine Fire Department urged residents to sign up for the MyID program so they get a tracking bracelet. The said device provides first responders updates about an individual’s health conditions amid an emergency or major disaster.

However, the timing of the program led to more questions than answers as it occurred days before the Feb. 3 disaster in East Palestine. (Related: East Palestine launched “MyID” emergency service to surveil locals’ biometrics data just one week before train derailment.)

Scott pointed out that these trackers – alongside vaccine passports, carbon credits, social credit scores, biometric IDs and the central bank digital currencies – are part of the agenda to test the enslavement system. Ultimately, these will pave way for the One World Government to take over, he added.

Watch the full Episode 216 of “SJWellFire: Final Days Report” below.

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