Biden and his leftist brigade want to shut down US power grid to achieve ABSURD climate goals that will decimate the national economy (on purpose)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued an announcement this week about the Biden regime’s new “carbon pollution” standards, which will force the nation’s energy grid into dissolution.

Hellbent on eliminating so-called “greenhouse gases,” fake president Joe Biden is ordering power plants to stop burning things like coal and oil, which fuel the nation, in order to achieve his climate goals.

According to the EPA, the new requirements will eliminate more than 600 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) “pollution,” which is a misnomer in and of itself since CO2 is not a pollutant. Nevertheless, what Biden demands Biden gets, which means the electricity supply has got to go.

The claim is that shutting down pretty much all power plants that produce energy using earth-based “fossil” fuels will save children from asthma attacks and other such nonsense. This is the same garbage, by the way, that the regime is trying to peddle in its quest to outlaw gas stoves, claiming they are “hurting the children.”

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Biden wants coal- and natural gas-powered energy production facilities to basically cease operations

Doing this, the EPA claims, will somehow “deliver up to $85 billion in climate and public health benefits.”

Citing the need to promote “environmental justice” and other “woke” agendas, the Biden regime via the EPA wants to eventually replace the entire existing energy infrastructure with a new “green” infrastructure powered by sunlight, wind, and perhaps a few unicorns.


Building upon the green agenda of Barack Hussein Obama, who appears to be running the Biden regime undercover via a secret third term as America’s hidden “president,” Biden as figurehead will finish what Obama started.

“As required by section 111 of the Clean Air Act, these proposed standards and emission guidelines reflect the best system of emission reduction (BSER) that has been demonstrated to improve the emissions performance of the sources, taking into account costs, energy requirements, and other factors,” the EPA announced.

“In developing these proposed carbon pollution standards, EPA considered a range of technologies including CCS, utilizing low-GHG hydrogen, and adopting highly efficient generation technologies.”

Such controls, just to be clear, are still mostly hypothetical in terms of their effectiveness. They sound nice on the surface, but no power plants in the United States currently use them because they do not work as claimed – at least not yet.

Even so, the Biden regime is proposing such things to make it seem, in this writer’s view, like “fossil fuel” energy plants will still be allowed to operate into the future, just so long as they install these controls and reach the proposed emissions targets. Will that actually happen, and is it even possible? Time will certainly tell.

As it currently stands, though, the energy grid as we currently know it will have to mostly be dismantled in order for the proposed plan to work. And that appears to be the endgame anyway: to eliminate America’s existing energy infrastructure in order to bring the country to its knees.

In the 60 days following the proposal’s publishing in the Federal Register, the public can comment on it. After being published, there will also be a public hearing for which the public can register for attendance.

“The agency will also host virtual trainings to provide communities and Tribes with information about the proposal and about participating in the public comment process,” the EPA announced. “Those trainings will be on June 6 and 7, and registration information is available on EPA’s website.”

If Biden’s energy policies run their course, America will be a third world nation – some would argue it already is – before the end of the decade. To learn more, visit

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