Geoengineering scheme launched to DIM the sun, POLLUTE the skies and FREEZE Earth’s ocean water

A climate cult company called “Make Sunsets” wants virtue signaling companies to pay it to pollute the skies and dim the sun, cooling planet Earth and causing ocean levels to plummet as the world’s life-giving water is locked up in ice.

The company’s CEO is literally named “Iseman” (Iceman) like some sort of globalist villain out of a Batman movie. He admits in a statement to MIT Technology Review (link below) that his operation is a kind of “cult” and says that it is “morally wrong” to allow full sunlight, warmth, ocean habitats and liquid water to persist on planet Earth at their current levels, pledging to pollute the skies and dim the sun to combat so-called “climate change.”

The way to stop climate change, he insists, is to radically change the climate with a risky, unproven and scientifically  ill-conceived global terraforming operation that would affect photosynthesis, food crops, ocean levels, phytoplankton and habitat for aquatic ecosystems around the world.

And it’s all being done in the name of “science” and fighting “climate change.”

Even mainstream science is speaking out against the foolishness of playing God with the atmosphere

This geoengineering operation is readily admitted (and criticized) by MIT Technology Review, an establishment publisher that hardly ever encounters a radical science experiment it doesn’t like. Over the years, the publisher has promoted GMOs, experimental covid vaccines, pesticide poisoning of crops, CRISPR technology and genetic engineering, yet planetary-scale geoengineering schemes are apparently a bridge too far. Author James Temple’s article criticizes the climate-altering effort as “wildly premature” and warns that a rogue actor pursuing such experiments could “set back the scientific field,” perhaps similarly to the way the global mRNA vaccine push has caused public trust of pharmaceutical giants and health authorities to plummet. From the article:


The company’s behavior plays into long-held fears that a “rogue” actor with no particular knowledge of atmospheric science or the implications of the technology could unilaterally choose to geoengineer the climate, without any kind of consensus around whether it’s okay to do so—or what the appropriate global average temperature should be. That’s because it’s relatively cheap and technically simple to do, at least in a crude way.

David Victor, a political scientist at the University of California, San Diego, warned of such a scenario more than a decade ago. A “Greenfinger, self-appointed protector of the planet … could force a lot of geoengineering on his own,” he said, invoking the Goldfinger character from a 1964 James Bond movie, best remembered for murdering a woman by painting her gold.

Block the sun, freeze ocean water and collapse photosynthesis… what could possibly go wrong?

Indeed, the Bond reference seems appropriate, given that the CEO of Make Sunsets apparently wants to plunge Earth’s temperatures and cause global freezing of liquid water … and his name is literally “Iseman” (Iceman). Like all climate cultists, his actions show that he despises sunlight, liquid water, ocean habitat, warmth, lush rainforests and carbon dioxide, an essential nutrient for food crops and plant life across the planet.

What climate cultists want to achieve is true “gloom and doom.” They wish to dim the sun and plunge Earth into a darker future. They want to suppress photosynthesis which would cause global food crop failures and subsequent famine. They want ocean water locked up in ice, causing ocean levels to fall, destroying marine habitat for ocean creatures like whales, dolphins and coral reefs. Almost without exception, climate cultists are anti-Earth, anti-life, anti-agriculture and anti-science. And they somehow think their pollution of the skies is a positive thing for the planet.

In 1815, Mount Tambora exploded, ejecting 31 cubic miles of ash into the stratosphere, according to NOAA. This led to the “year without a summer” across North America, Europe and parts of Asia. An estimated 100,000 people died from famine, and food crops failed around the world. From the NOAA:

The volcanic winter also caused crop failures , food shortages, and flooding for most of North America, Western Europe, and parts of Asia. According to historical climatological sources , the death toll of the 1815 event was 11,000 from pyroclastic flows and more than 100,000 from the resulting food shortages over the following decade.

MIT Technology Review characterizes this cataclysmic event as “natural” but doesn’t add the appropriate qualified, “disaster.” Make Sunsets is trying to recreate this natural disaster and cause what is essentially a man-made global cataclysm with effects similar to those of a very large volcanic eruption.

Fifty years of failed climate predictions

Another problem with all this is that the planet isn’t actually warming as we were told it would. Temperature data have been routinely altered and cherry picked by climate cultists. The oceans haven’t risen much at all, and the claim that carbon dioxide was a dangerous pollutant turned out to be pure hogwash. An astonishing 50 years of failed apocalypse predictions demonstrate that the climate lunatics are living in their own delusional fantasy land of fake science and false narratives. Sadly, they believe their own lies so completely that they feel justified in pursuing radical, dangerous experiments to alter Earth’s atmosphere in order to block the sun and unleash global freezing and crop failures.

In a 1969 New York Times article, depopulation pusher Dr. Paul Ehrlick claimed that by 1989, “everybody will disappear in a cloud of blue steam” if population growth wasn’t slowed.

The greatly feared “blue steam” never materialized.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s, the corporate media repeatedly warned of “global cooling” and “a new ice age” fast arriving. Yet here we are, nearly 50 years later, when climate cultists are trying to cause a new ice age.

From The Guardian, January 29, 1974:

In 1989, the Associated Press breathlessly reported that entire nations would be inundated with ocean water by the year 2000 due to rapidly rising oceans.

Those nations are still standing. With beaches and all.

In March of 2000, The Independent claimed that global warming would accelerate so rapidly that snow would be a thing of the past. “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.” Tell that to the people in the USA who just endured a truly epic snow storm over the Christmas weekend.

The examples go on and on, from all the usual suspects: NYT, The Guardian, Associated Press and many others. And then there are the personalities: Al Gore warning that the entire North polar ice cap would be melted by 2013, for example.

The polar ice cap is still there.

Prince Charles chimed in, of course, saying in 2009 that we had only “96 months” to save the world from climate change. That was over 12 years ago. The Earth hasn’t been destroyed, but the queen is dead.

Only a few years ago, any mention of “geoengineering” was derided as a conspiracy theory

Until recently, anyone mentioning “geoengineering” or global dimming operations was ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist, even though government officials (and numerous patents) openly referred to such operations to achieve weather control.

Carbon sequestration — the process of pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere and locking it away — is another form of terraforming, the process of altering a planet’s climate to make it inhospitable to its current ecosystem, often in preparation for some other life forms to occupy the planet.

Carbon sequestration is a type of terraforming, and it targets the photosynthesis process by which all green plants produce energy. The three inputs of photosynthesis are sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. Climate cultists are now at war with 2 out of 3 on that list. They’ve declared carbon dioxide a pollutant and are trying to block the sun.

As I state in my podcast today, the climate cult is actually a suicide cult. Should they achieve their nefarious aims for planet Earth, no large scale food crops would grow and ocean ecosystems would collapse. Earth would be plunged into a cold, frozen Dark Age from solar dimming, and modern civilization would collapse into ruin. Is this what climate cultists want? It seems so, given their incessant dismantling of the energy infrastructure that keeps modern civilization functioning.

Listen to today’s Situation Update podcast for full coverage of this topic and several others:

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– It was all called a “conspiracy theory” by the media but is now ADMITTED
– CEO admits he’s running a “cult” rooted in climate change nonsense
– Like a comic book villain, the CEO’s name is “Iseman” (Iceman)
– Goal is to lower temperatures and push Earth into new ICE AGE
– Climate cultists despise liquid water, warmth, sunlight, green plants, rainfall and oceans
– They demand frozen ice, dead rainforests, darkness, coldness and destruction of marine habitats
– Global DIMMING of the sun is the goal, MIT admits it’s modeled after a catastrophic volcanic eruption
– Mt. Tambora erupted in 1815, caused worldwide famine and crop failures, a “year without summer”
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