Missouri farmer blasts governments’ COSTLY and counterproductive climate change responses

Farmer Blake Hurst, former president of the Missouri Farm Bureau (MOFB), blasted governmental response to climate change as both expensive and counterproductive.

Hurst wrote in a piece for the Washington Examiner: “The results of these policies are as easy to predict as guessing that a circular firing squad won’t end well. The demand for food is inelastic, meaning that when supply drops, prices increase by a large amount.”

The erstwhile MOFB president pointed out that food comprises a much higher portion of living costs for poor families, compared to their well-off counterparts. He cited 2020 figures stating that food expenses consumed 27 percent of the household budget for people in the lowest wage earners category. In contrast, food costs only comprised seven percent of living expenses for those in the highest income category only.

According to Hurst, no nation would exactly enact a tax plan that would target low-income consumers at four times the rate that well-off people pay. “Many governments, [however], are rushing to do exactly that to their nation’s food supply. If excess carbon is the problem, surely the solution isn’t punishing those around the world who consume the least.”

He also criticized the steps that developed nations were taking, arguing that these won’t make a change if other nations refuse to do their part.

“Cutting fertilizer use in Canada won’t change Brazil’s agriculture policy for the same reason that cutting carbon emissions in the U.S. won’t stop China’s pollution,” he said. “Governments’ environmental regulations are both costly and not producing the desired results.”


Fertilizer restrictions only produce damaging results

Analysts are saying that the environmental policies, especially the reduction on nitrogen fertilizer use to address “climate change,” only produced damaging results. It has likewise created supply chain disruptions and sent prices of commodities soaring.

Hurst took the South Asian nation of Sri Lanka as an example. Under its former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the country outlawed the use of commercial fertilizers. The repercussions of this ban, which led to riots, sent Rajapaksa fleeing Sri Lanka to avoid the wrath of hungry and angry citizens.

Canada, through its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, imposed a policy to cut down on fertilizer use by 30 percent come 2030. He even sent federal agents to encroach on private lands for soil and water testing in the name of “nitrate compliance.”

Moreover, he was reportedly building an infrastructure to house the Environment and Climate Change Canada’s facility. Leaked plans revealed an armory, interrogation rooms, biological labs, media relations offices, “controlled quiet rooms,” and intelligence facilities – suiting the agency’s role as the Canadian climate police. (Related: Fascist Trudeau implementing weapons armories and interrogation rooms for Canada’s Ministry of Climate Change.)

Police officers in the Netherlands, meanwhile, started firing at tractor-driving farm protesters. The farmers are agitated that recent fertilizer recommendations will likely take many of them out of business, with cuts in allowable nitrogen emissions as high as 70 percent. The cops have arrested over 100 farmers who opposed the “green agenda” put in place by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

The Missouri-based farmer and greenhouse grower said there may be nothing that people can do with the weather, but he encouraged the public to question the government on their actions, especially those that directly hit the lowest income earners.

“We can’t improve the weather, at least not in time to ensure better yields. We can, however, avoid government actions that ensure that the poorest among us will struggle to afford enough food,” Hurst concluded.

Head over to GreenTyranny.news for more stories about “green” policies by governments that hurt the poorest sectors of society.

Watch this Dutch farmer reveal that his country actually wants to seize farmlands under the guise of limiting nitrogen fertilizer use.

This video is from the High Hopes channel on Brighteon.com.

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