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NYC fast tracking 5G, installing thousands of new small cell antennae on traffic lights and street lamps

The United States is in a race to be the world leader in 5G wireless technology. In September 2018, the Federal Communications Commission passed a 5G “FAST” plan to help the telecom industry install thousands of new cell towers by removing local authority over their placement, permitting and fees. In October 2019, Texas Representative Pete Olson introduced H.R. 4741, which gives the FCC and the telecom industry more power to advance 5G quickly, without adherence to existing environmental and human health laws.

“Small government” republicans want to take advantage of 5G’s economic benefit, allowing the telecom industry and Big Tech to bypass local government oversight, as unchecked wireless radiation and data collection pillages communities throughout the United States.

NYC introducing thousands of new sources of millimeter wave microwave radiation, as 5G is fast tracked throughout the city

With ambitions to become a “smart city” New York City is currently fast tracking 5G, approving the installation of thousands of new small cell antennae on traffic lights and street lamps. This practice isn’t entirely new; the first four generations of wireless technology required the installation of cell towers and receptors throughout the city. 5G, however, takes it to a whole new level.

On the electromagnetic spectrum, 5G radio waves are millimeter waves emitted in multiple, shorter pulses. Because of this, the industry will need to install thousands of new small cell antennae throughout cities and communities, putting hundreds of thousands of people in the direct path of multiple radiation sources throughout the day. This influx of small cell antennae will interfere with people’s lives — where they work and where they sleep. Over the past fifteen years, New York City has installed over 6,000 poles to accommodate wireless technology. Another 5,000 are scheduled for installation across the five boroughs of the city. The New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications has recently approved 10 franchise agreements with multiple companies to install 5G equipment on streetlamps and traffic-light poles — assaulting the city’s occupants with thousands of new sources of millimeter wave microwave radiation at every turn. The city has also approved fiber for 5G.

Pervasive 5G wireless technology is inherently dangerous, as documented extensively by scientists. The telecom industry has no scientific evidence to prove that it’s safe. In fact, the first 5G technology that was installed in New York neighborhoods in 2017 caused startling symptoms from nearby residents and their pets. Dr. Naomi Wolf broke the news about the symptoms people experienced just by living next to the 5G equipment. These serious health concerns has not stopped the telecom industry. In the “Race for 5G” cities will continue to fast track hundreds of thousands, if not millions of radiation-emitting small cell antennae on city streets and in residential neighborhoods.

Because 5G causes oxidation of cells and DNA damage, immune-deficiencies and cancer rates will continue to accelerate in America. A 2018 study, “Towards 5G communication systems: Are there health implications?” found that millimeter waves  “alter gene expression, promote cellular proliferation and synthesis of proteins linked with oxidative stress, inflammatory and metabolic processes.” When this oxidation impacts innate immune molecules located on lung cells, the population becomes much more susceptible to mutating pathogens that affect the respiratory tract. With the capability to decimate innate immune cells, 5G ultimately puts people at increased risk of contracting up-and-coming, ever-mutating viruses such corona viruses and influenza viruses. New York City is a ticking time bomb for an outbreak of infectious disease.

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