Flint, Michigan residents get green light to sue the EPA for negligence over water contamination that started 5 years ago

With all the negligence and mayhem caused and perpetuated by the U.S. bureaucrats, just how often do citizens actually get the green light from a judge to sue the Federal government? Nearly 2,000 residents of Flint, Michigan were identified by a Federal Judge in district court as being harmed by contaminated drinking water that was purposely substituted for clean water in order to “save money” (that means embezzle and launder in politics).

People have been literally drinking from the Flint River, as it comes out of their faucets brown, polluted, and tainted with lead. Every official in charge of the silent switch knew it was illegal and put thousands of children and babies in harm’s way, not to mention the general population of the entire city.

The deadly drinking water crisis could cost the government 3/4th’s of a billion dollars, as that’s what the residents who filed suit are demanding, and just might get. Why so much? Because officials knew the water was contaminated MONTHS in advance, and did nothing about it. The judge said herself that the lies went on for months. It’s more than negligence. The city officials, the governor, and the Obama-led EPA knew exactly what was happening. And it really all ended up falling on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because they had the legal authority to step in at any time, and they were absolutely notified. Maybe they should be renamed the Environmental Pollution Accomplices.

Now, finally, somebody at that rogue agency is getting busted, and it’s actually about much more than just the “negligence” that they’re engaged in, but that’s a whole book that needs to be written.


Flint’s $722 million in health damages to smack the EPA for their insidious dealings – will lawsuits over fluoride-induced brain damage be next?

Where was the emergency order to save the children of Flint from permanent brain damage? One stroke of a pen and a phone call and the problem could have been solved. There are about 2,000 people filing suit, but how many really got damaged by the purposely contaminated drinking water? Could the toll be 20,000? How many people live in Flint? That total is around 100,000, but maybe they’re too brain-damaged right now from the water to understand they should call a lawyer. Better call Saul! (Or in this case, the top-notch law firm specializing in lead poisoning for the Flint area now).

Per the Levy Konigsberg (LK) Law Firm website:

Levy Konigsberg was also the first law firm to target the multibillion dollar multinational corporation Veolia, Inc. for its role in the mass poisoning of the residents of Flint, on behalf of individual children. Veolia, a water consulting company based in France and valued at over $11 billion, was instrumental in the covering up the harm caused by switching Flint’s water source from the safe Detroit water system to the polluted and dangerous Flint River water.

Flint’s residents paid Veolia $40,000.00 to study the water crisis in early 2015 and make recommendations for ending it. Instead of focusing on how to make the water safe for drinking, cooking, and bathing, the company focused on how to treat the water’s discoloration. The company even went so far as to assure residents that the water was safe to drink, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Whistle-blower reported the lead-contaminated water incident to the EPA in a memo in 2015, but the EPA waited 7 more months to act

Would you purposely serve your infants, babies, and children lead-contaminated water for seven months? It’s pure recklessness. The EPA doesn’t care about health — for humans or the environment. They drip toxic fluoride into tap water and raise the toxicity “minimum levels” for  weed-and-human-killing glyphosate to help Monsanto poison the country daily.

Would you purposely drink fluoridated water that causes a lowered IQ, calcification of your pineal gland, brittle bones, and cancer? The EPA could not care less. Plus, Flint is a city where the majority of citizens are black, and when it comes to population control, the regulatory agencies, especially the EPA, FDA, and CDC, love to target minorities.

It gets worse. The Flint residents had been drinking contaminated water for and year and a half before the EPA got their written notification to act. Residents had been complaining about brown water that made them lose their hair and get strange rashes. The City officials kept telling everyone the water was safe. Those criminals should rot in jail for pre-meditated crime that dates back to April of 2014.

Plus, State regulators lied too. They continued to tell everyone there’s nothing to worry about, even AFTER a group of doctors reported dangerously high lead levels in the bloodstreams of children they examined. What’s it take to get some potable water in America?

This is a huge victory, not just for the residents of Flint, but for all Americans who need to wake up and stop drinking tap water right now. The Flint tragedy winded up killing a dozen humans with Legionnaires disease, and causing what may be permanent cognitive and neurological disorders for countless children.

Tune in to HeavyMetals.news for updates on the U.S. government and their rogue corporations purposely poisoning citizens with dirty water laced with heavy metal toxins.

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