Poisoned by lead-contaminated tap water for 2 years, Michigan residents given green light by judge to SUE former Governor who did NOTHING to help

It only took 75 years for a city of Americans to become so sick from toxic tap water that now they’re able to sue the government. We already know that the fluoride in 75 percent of our country’s municipal faucets causes chronic inflammation, brittle bones, pineal gland calcification, and of course, cancer. Now, to top that off, the residents of the iconic city of Flint, Michigan have been sucking down lead-tainted tap water for over two years.

Residents say it’s a living nightmare, and it’s like living in a war zone, but without all the fighting. Ironically, U.S. water fluoridation began right at the close of WWII just over 100 miles away from Flint, in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Officials knew then and they know now that it’s poison, but it drives up Pharma profits, so it’s all “under the radar” of the law.

Now we’re informed, as just published in the Detroit Free Press, that Flint residents who were poisoned by the corrosive 2-year water scandal can sue the former governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder. This reverses a decision from last year. Snyder did absolutely nothing even though he knew old lead pipes were leaching into the tap water and debilitating citizens, including children, infants, and pregnant women.

Yes, Judge Levy says the citizens of Flint have their Constitutional right to “bodily integrity” as a “fundamental interest” that’s protected by law. So, the question rises … who else will sue over bodily integrity losses?

Will 100 Million Americans sue the U.S. Government for getting poisoned by tap water that’s purposely infused with toxic FLUORIDE and still contains heavy metal toxins?

So what’s changed, you’re wondering? Nothing. Nothing’s changed. Tap water has been dangerous for decades, it’s just more dangerous in certain cities than others. Do you have a top notch water filtration system at your home? You better get one.


The Flint water crisis set into high gear two years ago, in April of 2014, when the state’s appointed “emergency manager” flipped the switch for the city’s incoming water to corrosive water coming from the Flint River (instead of from Lake Huron), and told nobody.

No process for corrosion “control” was in place at all, and the old lead pipes sent brown water to people’s home faucets. Now all the dead and dying can sue the former Governor. Will the water scientists who knew also be charged with felony conspiracy? Did they alter the lead contamination data and commit scientific fraud that put citizens right in harm’s way?

The whole country should step up to the plate of toxicity now, and sue for not just heavy metal poisoning, but for the cancer and bone damage caused by fluoride. Get a lawyer and go for it. Sodium fluoride, yes the kind in most U.S. tap water, doubles as an insecticide and is classified as a drug. Oh, you didn’t know?

Multiple charges filed against Water Quality Supervisor and Office of Drinking Water in Flint, Michigan

What happens when you knowing let citizens drink toxic tap water, but you’re paid by the government to protect them? You get caught, and you get sued, for felony official misconduct, conspiracy, and even tampering with evidence. Get ready to serve up to five years behind bars.

So much for “Environmental Quality” at the DEQ control hub, huh, Mike Prysby? Soon, you might be working for 30 cents a day (to buy that pack of smokes) while ironing out some license plates. The DEQ couldn’t be more corrupt.

When will the rest of America wake up from the fluoride and metal poisoning fog and get the “reparations” they actually deserve? Tune in to PreventCancer.news for updates on foods and beverages you should avoid like the plague.

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