AOC’s “Green New Deal” would eviscerate the U.S. food supply and cause mass starvation

It’s truly quite impressive how many people want to make a difference and “save” our planet from the destructive forces that humans put in place and perpetuate daily. From leaking nuclear plants to trillions of pieces of micro-plastics in the oceans, and from chemical pesticides and GMOs on down to hospital waste and bio-sludge, it’s a wonder we can still find breathable air, drinkable water, and edible food anywhere. The new leader of the crazy Democrats, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), is a socialist-communist who’s dogmatic, “no holds barred” attitude and beyond-far-fetched “Green New Deal” plan has eviscerated the base of the Left while creating a fired-up “resistance” caravan of extremists, social justice warriors, and thoroughly confused millennials who have no clue they’re vying for their own demise and destruction.

The world’s largest cargo ships create more pollution in one day than every car in the whole world combined

Nearly 100,000 cargo ships run the rounds for the entire global shipping network today. Now this may blow your mind: The world’s 15 largest ships spew out more pollution (nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide) than all automobiles put together on the entire planet Earth, and that’s more than a billion vehicles. In fact, just one Maersk Line vessel emits more than 50 million times more pollution than a car does in a whole year.

Want to save planet Earth from global warming, or climate change, or whatever it is the extremists are calling it these days? Then buy domestic products. Stop buying imports. Just buy American. No “Green Moron Deal” needed. Besides, building train tracks across the Atlantic Ocean and the 30,000-foot-deep Pacific Ocean sounds like a scene out of a science fiction movie gone awry.


So no, we don’t need to bankrupt America, destroy our agricultural industry, or eliminate all planes and cars to “save” the world from climate change. China and India aren’t making any effort to reverse their pollution trends, and they’re producing far more than the USA, so there’s that anyway.

Virtually no regulations apply to companies for limiting the pollution coming from giant exhaust stacks of their oil-burning container ships

Finally the U.S. government has introduced legislation to keep these mass-polluting ships at least 200 miles from U.S. coastlines. Pressure is building for other countries to follow suit. Did you know that American imports total about $2.5 trillion per year? Most consumers don’t even give it a second thought. They just buy what they want, and then listen to the news to clean up their community or stop the hoax-proven, already debunked “global warming” trend that us humans are supposedly creating.

The U.S. imports over $350 billion yearly in oil, $330 billion in machines, engines, and pumps, over $300 billion in electronic equipment, $265 billion in vehicles, over $75 billion in medical equipment, at least $50 billion in plastics, and over $70 billion in cancer-causing pharmaceuticals.

So yes, taking prescription medications is not only adding to polluting our planet because they’re mostly imported, but even more so because the water treatment plants can’t even filter them out of the tap water. How about that? You pollute Earth, pollute your blood and cleansing organs, and pollute the drinking water for others, all in one fell swoop. Oops. Thanks Big Pharma.

Bottom line: AOC’s “Green New Deal” is a systemically corrupt plan to disembowel the entire functioning U.S. infrastructure, debilitate all farming capabilities and initiate a catastrophic food collapse, wipe out the entire middle class, confiscate all guns, private property and private businesses, and put in place a tyrannical police-state government that will never be able to be removed without a full-scale revolution.

We already know what happens when the government takes your guns and puts you on trains to “re-education camps.” Let’s not go there again please. Tune in to for updates on the global warming hoax and the communists who infiltrated our Congress and want to hoodwink everyone into thinking socialism is the answer to our issues.

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